These two images are from a little project I did entirely by myself. I won't say that it is some of my best work, but I think it's pretty darn good for self-portrait photography. I hope to improve my skill in the future to bring you some spectacular self-portraits n' things of that nature.

With the topic of self-portraits comes something else I'd like to discuss; making the best of your own situation. I see people on Twitter, Instagram, etc. complaining that they wish they could do something but they don't have the right camera or the right tools to do so. What they don't realize is that with some determination, they could do it themselves. It's all in the drive that you have to succeed. If you really want to do something, then you will find a way.
Lifetime Slipper Contract
You know those slippers that your dad or grandfather have had for their entire lives? Well, It's time that you got yours. Before you go diving into a lifetime slipper contract though, you better have your choices laid out first. To start, try the beautifully crafted Quoddy x UGG Australia Lewiston slipper. Entirely handmade by master shoemakers, these slippers are made from 100% hand finished leather with a super comfortable fur lining on the interior. Available in three colours: black (shown), stout and cognac, there is plenty of choice when it comes to the Lewiston.

Now I don't usually say this about things for around the house... but you seriously need these slippers, because they look TOO good. I mean there is nothing wrong with some beautiful footwear at home, it's an easy way to show that you are both sophisticated and down right dope when friends and family come over for dinner.
Photography has become something that I strive to improve at. Over the past couple months I have listened, learned and practiced to help better my skill as a photographer. I would like to think that at this point in time I have reached a "mehh, he's alright" kind of level, but I do strive for more. This portrait set includes two of my most recent work, labelled "Fleur".

The difference between stylish and tacky is a thin line that can be very hard to play with. Take socks and sandals for instance: when done right, you can look like a straight baller. When done wrong, you can look like that old creepy dude from your local laundry mat. The secret? The right footwear choice and the right wool socks.

Now, let's trade out your $10 Payless sandals for a pair of Birkenstock's Bostons because less sock= less tackiness (they are technically clogs, but whatevs). Your colour choice is up to you but I recommend a darker colour like black or brown, in smooth leather. If you are feeling a little cozy you can always go for a nice wool pair, but I'd wait for the colder months. Finish off your new footwear freedom with a pair of quality wool socks in a neutral colour like grey or black heather (For all of us, please no white socks!). If you are digging mine, they are from the brand Royalties Paris.