Fitness Tips For Teenagers

Obesity in teenagers is a serious problem but so is the increasing number who are falling prey to eating disorders. So why not avoid any risks of your family falling victim and book them into fitness bootcamp?

Find a fitness bootcamp where the emphasis is on having fun

You can find bootcamp classes aimed at teenagers with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment rather than losing excess pounds. Not only will they have a chance to meet new people but they will also get a dose of reality. Kids look up to idols and when you are a teenager this usually is someone in the celebrity world. While there are obviously beautiful women in Hollywood, many of the pictures you see in magazines have been airbrushed to make them look better. Teenagers and adults often forget that these ladies spend a fortune on the best make up artists, fitness trainers and stylists to make themselves look fantastic. It is not the real world and in most cases teenagers are setting themselves up for failure by trying to be like their idol.

Why fitness bootcamp is great for teenagers

It is very easy for teenagers, especially girls to become obsessed with their weight and looks. Fitness bootcamp helps to alleviate this problem by introducing a fun element to their workout sessions. Certified personal trainers specializing in children and teenagers know that their self esteem can be fragile often damaged by years of being bullied at school if they are even slightly overweight. The trainer should take care not to make personal remarks that could damage that self esteem further.

You can’t sell fitness bootcamp on the health benefits

Kids and teenagers think they are invincible and will live for ever. They don’t see the long term health risks in being overweight from a young age. They may realize that they cannot run as fast as their friends but they are more likely to be more concerned about not being able to wear trendy clothes. In fact some will become anorexic in their bid to wear similar outfits to their fashion idols and there are serious risks to being underweight as well. Cardiac illness, stroke and diabetes are not topics of conversation among most teenagers even if being overweight and unfit significantly increases their risk of falling victim to these conditions.

You should never let weight become a focus point in any teenager or child’s mind. Even if you and your child’s doctor are concerned you need to remember that your son or daughter lack the emotional maturity to deal with things in the same way as an adult would.

So what can fitness bootcamp do for teenagers?

It is a great way to introduce them to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The fact that their peers are following the same exercise program and healthy eating plan should make it more attractive. The peer influence is very strong and you can take advantage of this for the benefit of your child. Pick your fitness bootcamp to suit the needs of your child. You don’t want your teenager thinking you have booked them into fat camp for kids. A lot of teenagers don’t like authority so may not respond well to a military style bootcamp. But most kids love dance, especially the modern hip hop variety, so maybe a Zumba inspired fitness bootcamp is the answer. Not only will they lose weight and tone up but they will also be able to dance properly and this can improve their standing with their friends and schoolmates.

So will your kids go to fitness bootcamp?

Well if you are sitting on the couch eating chips all day, have serious weight problems and health issues, you cannot really expect your children to take your recommendations on getting fit very seriously. You need to lead by example so if you ever needed motivation to get fit this is it. It will also be very helpful to your kids if you change the whole family’s eating habits. You cannot expect your teenager to follow the eating plan at fitness bootcamp if everyone else is still eating cake, candy and drinking sodas.

Don’t introduce a ban on any food type – that is the one sure way to make your teenager want to eat something. There is room for candy even in a healthy eating plan but it becomes a rare treat rather than an everyday food. Remember teenagers can feel out of control which given the mess their hormones get into, is hardly surprising. In fact some teenage tantrums are just a way of your child expressing their confusion about what they are feeling and the changes in their body etc.

Getting your child involved in the changes in their eating plan will help. Let them make some decisions over what they eat within recommended guidelines obviously. Teach them how to cook from scratch and let them make meals for everyone once in a while.

Exercising at fitness bootcamp has many benefits

Exercise is a great stress reducer but so is having other people to talk to. Teenagers can find it difficult to talk to their parents so it is important to try to make sure that they have other people available as a support network. You may struggle to get your child to attend their first fitness bootcamp for teenagers but chances are once they join and have attended a few sessions you will find that they never want to leave.