3 Uncomfortable Questions To Ask Your Fitness Bootcamp Trainer

Just as there are good and bad fitness bootcamps, there are also great trainers and some very poor ones. Can you get fit when working out with a poorly qualified trainer? Yes of course you can but you could also easily get injured or follow an eating plan that wasn’t particularly healthy. When you pay to attend a fitness bootcamp you want to be confident that the fitness trainer knows their stuff. Here are 3 questions you should ask, and although they might be uncomfortable you do need to ask them.

1. Are they certified?

A certified personal trainer is someone who has taken specific qualifications to make him or her an expert in their area of personal fitness. They not only learn about exercise routines and workouts but also about nutrition which plays such a big part in the fight to get fit. Ideally they should have a achieved a certain standard of education in both fitness and nutrition and be not only certified by a nationally recognized organization but also be an active member of a professional body. This means that they can stay up to date with developments not only in the fitness field but also in nutrition and healthy eating recommendations. But being a certified fitness trainer isn’t enough to lead a fitness bootcamp. They should have additional qualifications which leads us onto question 2!

2. Have they passed any qualifications on training groups?

Motivating a group of people is different to motivating an individual. Obviously the certified fitness trainer has to be able to design a safe and effective exercise program but they also need to motivate the group to achieve their goals. When you are dealing with more than one persons goals you need to have the ability to quickly adapt your recommendations to allow each member to meet their personal goals. You need to be able to follow each persons progress and give the people not making sufficient progress a little more attention to ensure the whole class gets the most out of their training. This can be a delicate balancing act and only those that achieve a positive response to question 3 will succeed!

3. Do they have personality?

The certified personal trainer at your local fitness bootcamp could have a wall decorated with diplomas and other qualifications but unless they have a winning personality you might as well go for a jog around the park. The best trainers will have excellent communication skills and be able to show empathy towards their clients. This is particularly important when you remember that most fitness trainers tend not to be obese or even overweight and many are under forty. Their clients on the other hand could be obese, unfit and perhaps a good bit older than twenty. If a trainer doesn’t have empathy with their class your fitness bootcamp could look like this:


The ladies in black are obviously great dancers and very fit but if you take that video on face value they are perhaps lacking a little in empathy as their class look bored, lost and fed up. Of course they could be excellent teachers and were just showing their skills for the sake of the video.

But if you find a fitness bootcamp where the instructors are more interested in how they look and dance you might want to go elsewhere.

So in summary your fitness bootcamp instructor should;

1) be properly certified by a nationally recognized organization

2) be committed to ongoing education as the fitness industry is evolving all the time.

3) adhere to a code of professional standards and ethics

4) be certified in CPR and first aid or employ someone who is and is available at all classes

5) be willing and able to help you achieve reasonable and healthy fitness goals