Factors To Consider Before Buying Football Cleats

Soccer is one of the globe’s most popular sports. What makes it so popular is that whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro, you can play the beautiful game with minimal investment in playing equipment. Even so, apart from the football, the cleats are the most important piece of equipment you need to play the game. However, with so many brands, prices, fit and materials for cleats, it can be quite difficult selecting a pair. This article is a detailed analysis of the factors to consider before buying soccer cleats.


Just like with many other sporting goods, the price will in many instances determine the quality of the boot. Nonetheless, this is not always the case and hence you need to look at many other factors when setting your cleat budget. However, if you have the patience to look around you can find high quality boots at a mid-range price of between $80 and $150. Another benefit that you can get from this is that with the savings, you could afford to buy two pairs of boots, which could make them last longer, than if you were to buy a pair of expensive elite cleats.

Comfort and Fit

With so many brands of football cleats on the market, the shapes and sizes of boots can vary widely. It is always advisable to try on your cleats in the sporting goods store before purchase to ensure they are a nice and comfortable fit. However, if you have to buy your boots online, you can get the best fit by using a boot-sizing app. Still, the best way of getting the most appropriate cleats is to compare the boots with what your friends wear. Try out several brands of your teammates’ cleats, and compare their specifications with your desired boots before making the purchase.

Weight and Material of the Boot

This is an important factor to take into consideration since they influence important in play aspects such as control, speed, power, and even safety. With the advent of innovative technologies and materials, many sporting companies have come up with very lightweight cleats. Nonetheless, we always advise that you select the material and weight of your boot depending on what you expect from it. Go for a cleat made of materials that are lightweight yet strong enough to protect your foot from injury, while providing optimum control, power, and speed.

Playing Surface

You have to consider the type of playing surface before buying your soccer cleats. Soccer can be played in a variety of surfaces ranging from firm ground, soft ground, artificial turf to court style surfaces. If you are going to be playing on artificial, muddy, or wet surfaces, you need to be looking at cleats that have more studs for that extra grip. However, if you will be playing in traditional hard ground pitches, extra studs on cleats will not be as important. Ensure you have a good understanding of the playing surface you intend to play on before going online or to the sporting goods store to buy your cleats.

Playing Style

Your playing style is one of the most factors to consider before buying soccer cleats since it determines what boots will suit you. For instance, if you are a player that likes to go in for hard tackles, you will need boots that are made of tougher materials, which provide better foot protection. On the other hand, if you are a striker, you should look for a cleat that is lightweight while providing power and a clean strike. If you are a more versatile player, you need to find a boot that combines your best strengths to enhance your play.