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Factors To Consider Before Buying Football Cleats

Soccer is one of the globe’s most popular sports. What makes it so popular is that whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro, you can play the beautiful game with minimal investment in playing equipment. Even so, apart from the football, the cleats are the most important piece of equipment you need to […]

Fitness Vacations For Women

Fitness vacations for women are very hot right now. The pressure on ladies to look good at any age is increasing all the time. You only need to look at a magazine stand or watch a movie to see all the glamorous celebs staring back at you. We get excited when we see Victoria Beckham […]

The Travelling Man

Traveler from Hotel 1171 on Vimeo. The adventurer brand Hotel 1171 have released this new “Traveler” video lookbook for your viewing pleasure. Comprised of visually stunning landscape shots, we follow the travelling man throughout his journey through the desert until his eventual capture. Reasons why other brands should make video lookbooks like this; 1. It’s […]

Time To Get Freaky

Lets talk about test boosters. As a 20 year old male, my testosterone levels are probably as high as they could possibly get. However, I thought since I had the opportunity to give PharmaFreak’s Test Freak a try that it couldn’t hurt. After roughly a week, I began to notice a slight increase in libido […]

Fitness Tips For Teenagers

Obesity in teenagers is a serious problem but so is the increasing number who are falling prey to eating disorders. So why not avoid any risks of your family falling victim and book them into fitness bootcamp? Find a fitness bootcamp where the emphasis is on having fun You can find bootcamp classes aimed at […]

What I Wore Today: Fun At The Harbour

There is nothing better than taking a trip to the harbour to chill by the water. mind you, it would be a whole hell of alot better if I had a boat. Even without a boat, just relaxing by the water can really help you clear your mind. As you listen to the waves crash […]

Style | Effulgence Spring 2013 Collection

Streetwear brand Effulgence new Spring collection is now available at their online store. Shown above is their Spring 2013 lookbook that contains items including tee’s & jackets while at the online store you can find other items such as jerseys, hoodies, crewnecks, beanies, and snapbacks. My personal favourite from this collection is the wool sleeve […]