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Fitness Vacations For Women

Fitness vacations for women are very hot right now. The pressure on ladies to look good at any age is increasing all the time. You only need to look at a magazine stand or watch a movie to see all the glamorous celebs staring back at you. We get excited when we see Victoria Beckham […]

3 Uncomfortable Questions To Ask Your Fitness Bootcamp Trainer

Just as there are good and bad fitness bootcamps, there are also great trainers and some very poor ones. Can you get fit when working out with a poorly qualified trainer? Yes of course you can but you could also easily get injured or follow an eating plan that wasn’t particularly healthy. When you pay […]

Time To Get Freaky

Lets talk about test boosters. As a 20 year old male, my testosterone levels are probably as high as they could possibly get. However, I thought since I had the opportunity to give PharmaFreak’s Test Freak a try that it couldn’t hurt. After roughly a week, I began to notice a slight increase in libido […]

Fitness Tips For Teenagers

Obesity in teenagers is a serious problem but so is the increasing number who are falling prey to eating disorders. So why not avoid any risks of your family falling victim and book them into fitness bootcamp? Find a fitness bootcamp where the emphasis is on having fun You can find bootcamp classes aimed at […]